Language Courses

The medium of instruction at IUE is English for all programs. All newly admitted students (graduate, undergraduate, vocational school, transfer, and visiting students) have to verify that their English proficiency levels are adequate to follow the courses offered in our University.

In order to meet the English Language requirements, students can either take the English Proficiency Exam prepared and administered by the School of Foreign Languages of IUE, or alternatively may submit the results of internationally valid exams (TOEFL,IELTS etc.) which are also accepted by IUE.

Transfer students who have successfully completed English preparatory programs or been exempted from such programs should submit their documents to IUE to be evaluated and approved by the Directorate of School of Foreign Languages. The validity of such documents submitted to IUE is three years.

Students who fail to meet the English language requirement at IUE have to attend the English Preparatory Program.

Apart from English Preparatory Program, students studying at undergraduate programs have different foreign language options to study out of 9 alternatives (German, Italian, Spanish, French, Greek, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese and Russian) during their course of study. The students are required to choose and follow one of these languages during 4 semesters. 

With this advantage, both IUE students and incoming students get the chance of accessing international education opportunities, which help them develop their personal skills and competencies.

For the full time international students studying at IUE, there is a compulsory Turkish course called “Turkish as a Foreign Langauge” for which they have to enroll in their sophomore year. Exchange students are also allowed to enroll and attend the course if they want.