General Admission Requirements

In order to study in an associate (2-year, short cycle) or undergraduate program (4-year, first cycle) in a higher education institution in Turkey, students have to take a university entrance exam administered by Student Selection and Placement Center (ÖSYM) and the students are placed by the same exam administering center (ÖSYM) to the universities according to the score they get from this examination. Apart from this, students who want to study at Culinary Arts and Management undergraduate program and Fashion and Textile Design undergraduate program are required to pre-register and take an aptitude test administered by the University in addition to the national student selection test. An exception, however, is recognized, by law, for vocational high school graduates to apply for placement in two-year vocational college programs which are compatible with their high school majors, without an entrance examination. These students are placed centrally by ÖSYM according to the type of vocational high schools they graduated and their grade point averages (GPA).

To study in master programs with thesis and Ph.D. programs, the students are required to take an exam called “ALES” (Academic Personnel and Graduate Education Exam), which is also administered by OSYM, and submit this score with their application. GRE or GMAT can also be a substitute of ALES. Those, who want to study in non-thesis master programs, are not required to take any of the ALES/GMAT/GRE exams.

Students, who want to apply to Ph.D. programs, need to hold an undergraduate degree diploma or graduate degree with thesis diploma.

The applicants have to meet additional program requirements defined by the universities.

Foreign nationals, who graduated from schools that are equivalent to secondary education (high school) institutions in Turkey and meet the requirements specified by the University, can apply for foreign student quota to study at undergraduate (4-year) programs offered at Izmir University of Economics.

Also, those, who study at another university, can be accepted as guest students to study for one or two semesters at IUE.

In addition to foreign nationals, Turkish nationals who completed their entire secondary education abroad can also benefit from foreign student quota.

For each academic year, requirements and quotas for foreign student quota are determined and announced on the University web site on address.

Foreign national students, who want to apply to graduate degree programs, need to meet the admission requirements exclusive to the departments. For each academic year, requirements and quotas for foreign student quota are determined and announced on the University web site on address.

Exchange students are accepted to IUE in the framework of the bilateral agreements (Erasmus or general cooperation protocol) signed by both IUE and the partner higher education institution. According to the requirements or conditions stated in the protocol, exchange students can enroll for the courses offered at IUE and study one or two semester.

The students who want to transfer to IUE from another higher education institution have to meet national transfer requirements specifically defined by Higher Education Council of Turkey. The admission of transfer students are made in the framework of the quota determined by the university.

Students who are currently studying in a higher education institution in other countries or the ones who graduated can apply to IUE to study as visiting students for one or two semesters. The students can apply to Office of International Affairs by submitting an education certificate and a letter of intent in which they include the list of the courses they want to register. Since the medium of instruction at IUE is English, it is compulsory for the applicants to  prove their English Proficiency before they begin taking courses.

After the approval of the related academic unit, the students are asked to complete the final registration procedure.

Visiting students who will study at IUE during a semester or the whole academic year pay the tuition on the basis of credit hours of the courses they want to register.

Before beginning to study at IUE, visiting students are strongly suggested to get approval from their home university about the recognition of the courses they will take at IUE.