General Description of the Institution

İzmir University of Economics (IUE) was established in 2001 by “İzmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation” in accordance with the principles of Turkish Republic Constitution, Higher Education Law and Regulations about Foundation Higher Education Institutions numbered 2547.

The university is administered by the Board of Trustees and the Rector. IUE is the first foundation university in Izmir and the Aegean region and it offers degrees in the short cycle (associate), first cycle (bachelor‘s), second cycle (master’s), and third cycle (doctorate).

The overarching aim of the founders was to create a center of excellence in Izmir and in the Western Anatolia. In view of that, IUE has been committed to the challenging double-task of providing education in international standards and to be a research pioneer. IUE was one of the first to embrace a growing demand for programs specifically tailored for needs of the business and industry. IUE has a policy to device innovative teaching methods and programs.

IUE places great emphasis on internationalization, which is also mentioned in detail in our Strategic Plan and with this goal in mind strong relations have been formed with distinctive universities around the world for student and faculty exchange, joint research and scientific studies. International exchange programs and dual diploma programs spell out the international character of IUE. There are full-time and visiting international faculty members as well as exchange students in almost all degree programs.

IUE received the Erasmus University Charter in 2004 and replaced it with Erasmus Extended University Charter in 2007.

In 2009, the Izmir University of Economics underwent a European University Association (EUA) Institutional Evaluation Program (IEP) process that aims to contribute to the development of quality in universities and spread examples of effective strategic management and IUE is one of the 4 universities that have undergone the EUA evaluation process among 44 foundation universities in Turkey.

IUE gives Diploma Supplement to its graduates since 2004-2005 academic year and as a result of the excellence of the implementation, IUE was awarded “Diploma Supplement Label” by European Commission in 2010.

Also, Izmir University of Economics was awarded European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) Label, an excellence award given by European Commission in 2011, as a result of implementing academic programs which have been formed in tune with the Bologna Process. This label was awarded to three universities in our country in 2011. Among those universities, the only foundation university qualified to receive the label has been Izmir University of Economics.

On the other hand, in 2011-2012 academic year, Izmir University of Economics, School of Foreign Languages (SFL), has successfully completed the accreditation process organized by European Association for Quality Language Services (EUQUALS), a very significant institution that certifies the quality of foreign language education in Europe, and received its quality certificate in foreign language education.

Extracurricular activities are strongly encouraged. Students have an opportunity to experience work life in practice through compulsory internships (at least 6 weeks). Moreover, IUE has a lively campus life to enjoy various recreational activities. Students have the opportunity to participate in and/or organize academic debates about the current issues. For instance, IUE undertakes the role to become a center of excellence on energy.

Efforts of IUE are rewarded as enrollments have been growing steadily and a strong reputation has been developed in arts, sciences education and research. Degree programs have been strengthened and new ones are added. Currently we have 30 associate degree programs, 34 bachelor degree programs, 43 master programs, and 9 Ph.D. programs.

Izmir University of Economics welcomes prospective students from all over the world to share this friendly, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.