Arrangements for Academic Guidance


Each associate or undergraduate student studying at IUE is assigned an advisor selected among the faculty members.

Academic advisors provide advising to students in selecting their courses they will be taking each semester by assessing their academic performances and on subjects as adaptation to the University life, professional development, and careers.

Advisory services are conducted in accordance with a regulation approved by the University Senate.


Academic advisors are appointed by the respective Graduate School Administrative Board in graduate programs.

Each student is assigned an academic advisor upon enrolment to graduate program to provide advising to students in selecting their courses. Students, who enrolled to non-thesis graduate program, carry out their final semester project under the supervision of their academic advisors.

A “Thesis Advisor” is also appointed for students enrolled in Ph.D. programs and graduate programs with thesis. Thesis advisors supervise the thesis, which graduate program and Ph.D. programs students are required to prepare.

Thesis Advisors are selected among the lecturers. In cases, where more than one thesis advisor is needed due to the quality of the thesis, a second thesis advisor is appointed.