Student Associations

At IUE, The Student Council, which is affiliated to the Students’ Dean Office, act as a mediator between the University Administration and students. The council is responsible for providing students’ participation in the decisions of University Administration. The elections of the Students Council is made democratically in accordance with the Regulation of Student Council Election. The president and the members of the Council share the ideas and proposals of students with the Administration through attending the meetings of Board of Trustees and Senate. The president of the Student Council has the right to represent IUE in Higher Education council of Turkey (YÖK).

In addition to academic studies, student clubs display activity in accordance with the mission of the University to provide physical, mental, cultural and artistic development to students and to improve their talents and qualifications. In order to observe the development of clubs, Student Dean organizes meetings with the club chairmen and evaluates their activity in the period.



Student Clubs Responsible

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