Recognition of Study Abroad

The academic period and the courses of the students, who spent one or two semesters at a partner institution as exchange students are fully recognized by İzmir University of Economics.

In the framework of the Erasmus Program, the students who are nominated to take part in the Student Mobility are required to prepare a learning agreement prior to the beginning of the mobility period. This learning agreement includes the list of the courses that will be taken in the partner institution and it is mutually approved by the institutional and departmental Erasmus coordinators of both parties.

Additionally, the students are also required to prepare a course equivalence table called "Proof of Recognition". On this document, IUE equivalents of the courses that are taken abroad are displayed to identify the framework of the course transfer.

At the end of the exchange period, the courses that the students took abroad are displayed with their original names and codes (the names and codes specially used by the partner university) along with their ECTS credits and grades. On the official transcript of the students, these courses are indicated with an abbreviation as "EP" which means "Erasmus Transferred Courses