Medical Facilities

IUE has a doctor and a nurse at the service of students.  Furthermore, counseling and psychological help is offered to provide mental, psychological and social development of our students. The second largest hospital of İzmir, Dokuz Eylül University Hospital is five minutes driving distance from the university.

Main health service centers in İzmir and their telephone numbers are as follows:

Alsancak State Hospital+90 232 463 64 65
Dokuz Eylül University Hospital+90 232 259 59 59
Ege University Hospital+90 232 444 13 43
Katip Celebi University Hospital+90 232 243 43 43
EMOT Plus Hospital+90 232 441 01 21
Karşıyaka State Hospital+90 232 366 88 88

In addition, psychological consultancy and support for students are provided by Student Development and Counselling Center (SDCC). Our clinical psychiatrist working within the body of this center makes interviews with students in weekdays from 08.30 to 18.00. the interviews are executed by weekly sessions and based on a particular system. All the interviews are made in the framework of ethical principles and stick to secrecy principle. Applying to SDCC and working in here is on volunteer basis.