Facilities for Special Needs Students

At İzmir University of Economics there is a "Disability Support Center" which was established to support students with special needs during their education and to provide them with similar conditions as other students  to continue their academic studies. Students who are physically handicapped, hearing impaired, visually handicapped and students with hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, epilepsy and diabetes can benefit from this unit.

Students who have a disability that may hinder their academic or social life at İzmir University of Economics can refer to Students' Dean, Disability Support Center. In this center, there is a psychologist assisting disabled students. In addition, in order to organize and coordinate the activities of this center, a commission called Disabled Students Commission has been set up including the staff from both academic and administrative units.

In order to provide disabled students with distinctive service, the center takes into account each detail carefully. The academic advisors of the disabled students are informed about their situation before the beginning of the semester in order to create awareness about their needs. Moreover, the center sends an information sheet to the instructors about the exam rules and regulations applied for disabled students.

Apart from all these, the campus and the buildings of İzmir University of Economics were designed in such a way that the disabled students do not have difficulty in moving by themselves, without needing the help of other people. The dormitory located in the campus was also constructed according to the regulations for disabled students.

Contact Address:

İzmir University of Economics
Disability Support Unit
Sakarya Cd. No:156

+90 232 488 84 11 - 84 71