Program Description

The aim of Medical Imaging Techniques Program is to train qualified allied health personnel in the use of Computed Tomography, PET-CT, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Digital X-Ray, Fluoroscopy and Digital Angiography devices used in radiology, radiation oncology and nuclear medicine, as well as their maintenance. Training period of the Program is two years. All theoretical lessons of program will be conducted by experienced educators in the university’s technologically equipped classrooms and laboratories, while practical lessons are conducted in contracted hospitals and imaging centers. Our students will take basic science courses, such as physics, anatomy and physiology, as well as medical and radiological terminology, radiological anatomy lessons, which will familiarize them with the professional terms and vocational courses, such as radiation safety, structure of the imaging device and use of them. In this training program, they will also study professional practice-oriented courses, such as communication skills, and ethics. Consolidating their practice-oriented training with summer internships, students will be well prepared for the profession. On successful completion of the program, our students will graduate with title of "Health Technician". In accordance with the relevant legislation, graduates of the program will have the opportunity to study for a bachelor degree on successful performance in the transfer exam. Students may transfer to the departments of Nursing, Nursing and Health Services. Factors’ increasing demand in this field include:

Those aiming at such a career are very welcome on our program.