Program Description

The aim of Medical Laboratory Techniques program is to educate health personel who can make reliable and precise analyses requested by the doctor to help diagnosis and treatment of the patients.

In this program aiming to educate medical laboratory technicians, an irrevocable part of the health team, there are many courses like medical microbiology, biochemistry, hematology, laboratory chemistry, laboratory equipment, parasitology to equip our students with adequate knowledge. Our students will have the chance to make practices at the university and hospital laboratories.

The graduates of this program have “Medical Laboratory Techniques” associate degree.

The graduates can study in state hospitals, university hospitals, private hospitals, private clinics, diagnostic centers, public health centers, family practice centers, in-vitro fertilization centers and research centers. In addition they can study as technicians at research centers of nutrition or drug institutions. The graduates can enter vertical jump test and follow biology, bioengineering, nursing, nursing and health services, molecular biology and genetics undergraduate programs.

We are educating our students with our expert academic staff in our equipped laboratories. We will be happy to see you in our team.