Program Description

Statistical Analysis is one of the basic means of the modern scientific thinking, together with stochastic modeling. Statistical techniques, because of the need of getting accurate and coherent results from the acquired data, are beneficial in many fields, such as: business administration, economics, computer, medical sciences, actuary, and administration.

One of the factors behind the need of statistics science is both the theoretical and the practical nature of it. Applied statistics is frequently used by the researchers and administrators, in the process of interpreting and controlling the related stochastic phenomenon. Theoretical statistics presents new procedures by the help of advanced mathematical and calculating methods.

The purpose of this program is to educate students in the fields of statistics and theory of probabilities and applied statistics. Students may carry on their studies by majoring on one of the fields of applied statistics, such as: theoretical statistics or statistical quality control, bioinformatics, biostatistics, statistical reliability, econometrics. Making the students ready for an academic career and giving them the ability of making researches in different scientific branches are among the purposes of this program. Students are also provided with information transfer in the field of statistics, needed by the consultancy and industry companies.