Program Description

aThe use of alternative energy resources like wind, solar, hydroelectric, geothermal has been rapidly increasing all over the world and in Turkey. This increase leads to the need for technical staff that will work in this sector. In United States and EU countries, many universities have opened two-year associate degree and certificate programs which is focused on skill to meet the demand of trained staff in this area. Thus, thousands of people have been employed in the alternative energy sector. Even though the rapid rise in the alternative energy investments –a labor-intense sector– in recent years, Turkey hung back in opening education programmes in this field.

The program will be carried out in cooperation with the representatives of the alternative energy sector and students will do an internship in this sector. In addition, the successfull students in their programmes can make a vertical transfer to the 4-year undergraduate programs, and graduate as an engineer. Alternative energy is a rapidly growing sector all over the world, and it is envisioned that the need for labor force will increase in this labor-intense sector