Program Description

Technological developments accelerate, products and services vary, customers do not forgive a mistake in speed, quality and price and rivalry becomes intense in today’s business administration environment that continuously undergoes a change and gets more complicated also with the effects of globalization. Such a complicated environment naturally needs executives who have interdisciplinary knowledge, who are equipped with skills and abilities that will carry their knowledge into practice and in this way that can easily keep pace with the change.

Many success stories in today’s companies belong to heroes coming from different disciplines and equipped with outstanding business administration features.

The aim of this program is to carry executives and executive candidates coming from different disciplines and that has particular experience in business life to an upper level and get them ready for the global rivalry.

With IUE Non-thesis Business Administration Master’s Program for Executives, it is aimed to provide managerial skills that may be applied in the sector for students experienced in business life who are educated in different disciplines nationwide and to present them the opportunity to combine theory and practice by sector projects. The students graduating from the program are aimed to be prepared for upper administrative level and add value to the institutions they work at.