Program Description

İzmir University of Economics, Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Sociology differs greatly in terms of both the content of its curriculum and its goals concerning the qualifications a graduate student should have. Without neglecting the theoretical courses, the sense of “applied sociology” that modern sociology departments give particular importance stands out in curriculum preparation. Therefore, the courses concerning statistics and research methods and theoretical courses are balanced, and it is aimed to enable graduating students to develop skills for planning, applying, analyzing, and reporting sociologic research projects. In the Project Course, which has to be completed for graduation and that will last two semesters in the last year, a comprehensive sociology project will be planned and implemented by the students under the supervision of the lecturer.

The Elective Courses of the department have been added to the curriculum by considering the social problem topics that modern sociology deals with in terms of both theoretical and applied sociology and wants to contribute to their solution; thus, the students will be more equipped in terms of their personal areas of interests, and the topics they can study and their job alternatives will increase after graduation.