Program Description

Public Relations and Advertising are the most essential and efficient techniques used by the organizations in order to catch the era where rapid developments and changes are experienced, competitive environment grows and new investments and progresses are pursued in every field. The aim of the Department of Public Relations and Advertising undergraduate program is to raise communication managers who specialize not only in managerial knowledge and skills but also in communication, human relations and creativity. Together with the courses about business administration and social sciences, undergraduate program includes courses in which communication method and techniques are used, public relations and advertising activities are planned, communication campaigns are formed, and subjects like creativity, copywriting, and brand management are evaluated in detail.

The aim of the program is to prepare the students for the related units as public relations, advertising and communication managers or communication coordinators in public and private sector. During the program, alongside with the theoretical knowledge, the students are encouraged to participate in the education actively by practicing applications about subjects like preparing a campaign, media planning, and communication skills. By this way, in the light of the theoretical and practical knowledge they gained, the students are aimed to be knowledgeable and experienced after graduation.