Program Description

The concern of Fashion and Textile Design program is for students to understand the process of creating and marketing global brands related to Fashion Design and the Fashion Business. The teaching structure has been formed to respond to the necessities of the business world. Many of the teaching staff have been chosen from the industry and are also currently active with prominent companies in Aegean region.

Fashion and Textile Design Department structures its scientific content through a balance between cultural, technical and design areas. Within this structure, it has been aimed not only being the leader as a school, but also a center of attraction for both professionals and amateurs of the fashion world. Faculty and industry professionals are also involved with the organization of a fashion council and a trend forecasting project.

The students study common core courses in the first year of the education. During the second year, they will specialize in one of the following options: Fashion Design, Textile Design or Fashion Business.

Fashion Design Specialization Area
The aim of the Fashion Design Option is to prepare the students to be professionals in the ready-to-wear industry, to carry out research in that field and to manage projects in collaboration with the industry.

The method of instruction is structured upon the idea of developing international brand images by original and market oriented designs. This is accomplished through the practical collection courses and stages in the companies. By utilizing this approach, cultural knowledge is gained through the history of art and fashion, sociology, aesthetics, semiology and marketing courses. Technical knowledge is gained through material technology, pattern and dress making techniques, color and presentation techniques, computer applications and laboratory courses. This technical knowledge is then reflected by the students thru design pojects related to various sectors such as womens’ wear, mens’ wear, childrens’ wear, sportswear, knitwear, leather garments and accessories.

Fashion Business Specialization Area
The goal of the Fashion Business Option is to prepare students for professional careers in the Fashion Industry, both in Turkey and abroad. Technological advances in the Business of Fashion just in the past few years include Computer Aided Design (CAD), Computer Body Scanning, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Electronic Inventory Systems, Just In Time manufacturing capability, Quick Response, Mass Customization and countless advances in the production of fibers and garment manufacturing. The marketing and advertising of fashion products has developed into an industry of its own. All of the corporations, from the smallest button manufacturer in India to the largest design and production firms in New York City are in need of educated and well-informed individuals.