Program Description

The primary aim of the New Media and Communication Program is to be an institution that is referenced respecting the content. The aim of the curriculum is to gather, to interpret, to process, to disseminate information and data as two main concepts through converting to a content, additionally to provide theoretical and practical skills necessary for the management of communication processes at all these stages for students. 
To achieve this aim, the program uses two approaches that support each other. Firstly, by learning the basic concepts and methods of social sciences and humanities; students understand how meaning and value are created through communicative processes; secondly, they learn the techniques of producing, disseminating, and interpreting content in traditional and digital media. The first approach can be characterized as “having something to say”, and the second one is “using/creating a medium to say this”. The program adopts a content production-oriented approach.  Accordingly, production studios form the backbone of the practice part of the program, and students who graduate from the program mainly specialize in media production and management.