(Between the 2013-2019 Academic Years) Course Structure Diagram with Credits

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1. Year Fall Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
SFL 1013Second Foreign Languages I2234
ENG 101Academic Skills in English I2233
MATH 153Calculus I2236
CHEM 100General Chemistry2236
IUE 100Orientation and Career Planning1012
HIST 100Principles of Atatürk and History of Revolution 4044
SE 113Introduction to Programming2236
Total 31
1. Year Spring Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
MATH 154Calculus II2236
MATH 250Linear Algebra for Engineers3036
PHYS 100General Physics I2236
TURK 100Turkish4044
ENG 102Academic Skills in English II2234
SFL 1024Second Foreign Languages II2234
Total 30
2. Year Fall Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
IE 251Optimization I2236
SFL 201Second Foreign Languages III2234
POOL 003GEC-Social Sciences A: Economics3034
POOL 004GEC- Social Sciences B: Humanities and Social Sciences3035
MATH 240Probability for Engineers3036
ELEC 001Elective Course I3035
Total 30
2. Year Spring Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
IE 252Optimization II2236
IE 222Production Systems Analysis 3035
SFL 202Second Foreign Languages IV2234
IE 261Industrial Information Systems 3035
MATH 236Engineering Statistics3036
ELEC 002Elective Course II3034
Total 30
3. Year Fall Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
IE 353Optimization III2238
IE 323Production Planning,Design and Control 3036
ELEC 003Elective Course III3035
ELEC 004Elective Course IV3034
IE 334Quality Assurance and Reliability2237
Total 30
3. Year Spring Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
IE 322Work Systems Analysis and Design3036
IE 324Fundamentals of Modern Manufacturing Systems3038
ENG 310Essential Speaking Skills in English3034
ELEC 005Elective Course V3035
IE 335Simulation 2237
Total 30
4. Year Fall Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
ENG 410English for Career Development3034
POOL 006GEC- Social Awareness and Ethics3034
ST 304Summer Training (4 weeks)0004
ELEC 006Elective Course VI3036
ELEC 007Elective Course VII3036
FENG 497Multidisciplinary Engineering Projects2236
Total 30
4. Year Spring Semester
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
ELEC 008Elective Course VIII3035
ELEC 009Elective Course IX3035
ELEC 010Elective Course X3035
ELEC 011Elective Course XI3035
ELEC 012Elective Course XII3034
FENG 498Engineering Capstone2236
Total 30
Elective Courses
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
CE 304Operating Systems Security2235
CE 322Pattern Recognition3035
CE 340Cryptography and Network Security3035
CE 350Linux Utilities and Shell Scripting3035
CE 360Wireless Communications3035
CE 370Distributed Database Systems3035
CE 380Computational Geometry3035
CE 390Analysis of Algorithms3035
CE 401Algorithms Design3035
CE 403Computer Architecture and Organization2235
CE 405Programming for Bioinformatics3035
CE 407Introduction to Cloud Computing3035
CE 450Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing3035
CE 470Introduction to Neural Networks3035
CE 477Data Science3035
CE 490Introduction to Digital Image Processing3035
IE 311Quantitative Production Planning 3036
IE 312Manufacturing Dynamics and Control3036
IE 313Human Factors Engineering3035
IE 314Facility Layout and Materials Handling3035
IE 315Sequencing and Scheduling3036
IE 325Modeling and Analysis of Supply Chains3035
IE 326Inventory Planning3036
IE 327Special Topics in Production Management 3036
IE 328Production and Service Systems Management3035
IE 329Lean Production3035
IE 333Manufacturing Automation3035
IE 337Industrial Applications of Simulations2236
IE 338Stochastic Models in Manufacturing Systems 3036
IE 339Queueing Systems3036
IE 341Introduction to Stochastic Processes3036
IE 342Decision Theory3035
IE 343Data Mining3035
IE 344Cost of Quality3035
IE 345Innovation in Technology3035
IE 346Engineering Economics3035
IE 354Combinatorial Optimization3036
IE 355Art of Mathematical Modelling2236
IE 356Mathematical Programming Models in Engineering2236
IE 357Special Topics in Optimization 3036
IE 358Heuristics in Optimization 3036
IE 359Network Optimization3036
IE 360Network Science and Applications3035
IE 361Game Theory 3036
IE 371Engineering Systems Analysis3036
IE 372Project Management 3035
IE 373Software Applications in Industry 2235
IE 374Applied Production Systems 2235
IE 375Financial Engineering3035
IE 376ERP with SAP3035
IE 444Ethics in Engineering and Computer Sciences3034
MATH 336Engineering Statistics II3035
SE 302Principles of Software Engineering3035
SE 307Concepts of Object-Oriented Programming2237
SE 309Concepts of Programming Languages2238
SE 310Advanced C++: Templates and Generic Programming3035
SE 313Computer Graphics3035
SE 320Introduction to Computer Games3035
SE 330Advanced Game Development3035
SE 340Geographic Information Systems3034
SE 350Game Design3035
SE 360Advances in Software Development3035
SE 362Server-Side Scripting Languages3035
SE 370Programming Web Services3035
SE 380Mobile Application Development3035
SE 390Software Engineering for Mobile Devices3035
SE 420Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems3035
SE 4313D Modeling in Computer Games3035
SE 4323D Animation in Computer Games3035
SE 460Software Measurement3035
SE 470Software Maintenance3035
Restricted Elective Courses
CodePre.Course NameTheoryApplication/LaboratoryLocal CreditsECTS
Additional Notes

In order to graduate, a total of 240 ECTS credit courses must be successfully completed. Students must complete their GED and elective courses, providing a total of 240 ECTS. Otherwise, they will be considered to have not fulfilled the current conditions to graduate from the program.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the 1st and 2nd year students of the Industrial Engineering Department are required to take 12 elective courses, 8 of which are Technical Elective Courses and 4 of which are Free Electives Courses, in order to graduate.

In the 2018-2019 academic year, the 3rd and 4th year students of the Industrial Engineering Department are required to take 10 elective courses, 6 of which are Technical Elective Courses and 4 of which are Free Elective Courses, in order to graduate.

Technical Elective Courses: It can be chosen from AE, BME, CE, CIVE, EEE, FE, GBE, IE, MCE, ME, SE, MATH, PHYS coded 2 or higher-grade courses, of which at least 4 are IE coded courses.

Free Elective Courses: Excluding GED (General Education) and compulsory second foreign language courses, can be selected from undergraduate-level courses offered by the university and taught in English (free electives can also be selected from technical electives).

Important notes:

  1. It is important to pay attention to the ECTS credits of the Technical or Free elective courses to be taken. The elective course to be taken should not be an elective course with lower credit than the ECTS credits, otherwise, the obligation to take a total of 240 ECTS courses will be violated, and graduation requirements will not be met.
  2. When choosing Technical Electives, Free Electives, or GED courses, the syllabus of the courses to be selected should be examined and it should be checked whether they are the same, similar, or less comprehensive than the courses taken or to be taken in the curriculum. In such cases, the selected courses will not be counted as an elective (Technical Elective, Free Elective, or GED) and will not fulfill any qualifications in the curriculum. In this case, do not choose the courses. For example, if a student who takes or will receive MATH 153 chooses MATH101, MATH102 as an elective, these courses will not be counted towards any graduation requirement. As a second example, if a student taking the SE115 course chooses the SE113 course, it will also not be accepted as a technical or free elective course as it is less comprehensive in terms of content. If a student who takes the CIVE 201 Engineering Mechanics I: Statics course takes the ME 205 Static course, it will not be counted as an elective course. In case of doubt, students can get information from their advisors.

If you need support for these courses due to your disability, please refer to Disability Support Unit. Contact; engelsiz@ieu.edu.tr