Program Description

Industrial Engineering is concerned with the design, analysis, and operation of systems ranging from a single piece of equipment to large business, social, and environmental systems. The industrial engineers are interested in modeling system functions via the help of emerging computer technology and determining how best to achieve the objectives of the system. The Department of IE curriculum at Izmir University of Economics reflects the objective of imparting fundamental knowledge to develop the ability to address complex industrial issues, emphasizing on how to design, run, control and optimize the production systems by developing strategies that enable companies to survive in an era of intense competition.

Industrial Engineering at IUE conveys a different concept and content compared to classical Industrial Engineering. Industrial Engineering typically covers human-machine relationships and manufacturing systems, from the perspective of mechanical engineering without thoroughly considering the requirements of de facto information standards, and hence approaches organizational problems through a mechanical point of view. In contemporary enterprises, human-machine-computer (informatics) interactions will inevitably occur and aspects of computer and information systems become important in finding solutions to those organizational problems. Izmir University of Economics traces rapidly changing science, knowledge, research and technology and emphasizes their applications in businesses.

As the student progresses through the program, a number of elective courses are available to the student which provide an opportunity for additional study in one of the major application areas of industrial engineering, supplementing the material provided through the core curriculum. The major application areas are high-tech manufacturing systems, information systems, and operations engineering.