Program Description

Interior Design is the product of a cultural and historical process that forms the basis of social life. Interior design, which is one of the forms in which art and aesthetic phenomena are integrated into daily life, is a highly up-to-date area which aims to develop in terms of spaces, functionality, aesthetics and technological features of the majority of human life. Nowadays, because of the intense competition and the continuous change in consumer needs, professional competences that will be employed in the field of interior design have gained importance. Izmir University of Economics Interior Design Program aims to educate qualified human resources that have theoretical and practical knowledge and skills in interior design, which can meet the design requirements for rapidly changing interiors, determine the necessary techniques and make material choices before the application. Curriculum; the academic and sectoral developments in interior design are kept up to date with both national and international follow-up. With the Interior Design Program, students will be able to adapt easily to the market after the educational life due to both theoretical and practical training and they will have the chance to get acquainted with the business life without graduating. In addition, graduates can be employed in the fields of building-construction-design, architecture, interior design offices, construction firms, furniture factories, furniture stores, decoration companies.