Program Description

Today, there is an increasing demand for interior architects and environmental designers in the field of home and office design, displaying fair stands, design of showrooms, malls, business centres, hospitals, airports hotels, environmental services, restoration and preservation of the architectural heritage, and future oriented designs. To meet these needs, the Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design sets its goals to train the new professionals accordingly in a four-year program. In that sense, the general structure of the curriculum is founded on the philosophy of stimulating the creativity and critical thinking for design, introducing and understanding the general layout of the design process, learning how to apply the given knowledge to complex interior systems, as well as developing visions for the future profession.At the same time, the department by establishing an interactive relationship with the other design fields has developed a program that aims to educate research oriented and creative designers who will be able to act on national and international bases.

The outstanding difference of this department is its special concern in underlining the combination of theory and practice and learning how to plan, organise, manage and research the interior and environmental contexts not only according to their functional and aesthetical aspects, but also to involve information on technology, production, organisation and management.