Program Description

Human beings have been able to live in shelter from the moment they create. In this process, they used various materials to design different colors in order to live in different colors and comfort. Wood material is one of the most used methods in this process.
Production and processing of wood material in human life, both economic necessity and the need to meet the requirements. Furniture, wooden door-windows, interior decoration-decoration works etc. used in the living center. jobs can offer this service to mankind. These lifestyle furniture and other wooden works must be produced in accordance with quality and standards in order to serve the purpose.
This is a separate area of ​​expertise; Maintain the point of view of the sector today.


Vocational School / Furniture and Decoration (Turkish) Program Objectives; The aim of the course is to meet the need of qualified technical intermediate staff who can provide the most suitable usage in the production, marketing and usage of the furniture in accordance with the conditions required by the ergonomics, cost and high quality standards by using wood and wooden derivative technological building materials.
“Furniture and Decoration” Program; With the principle of lifelong education, providing education and training services aimed at providing life skills with modern teaching methods appropriate to the requirements of the information age and business life, our students have the technical knowledge and skills required by their sectors, creative, innovative, researching, who wish to contribute to the development of the country and profession aims to ensure that they graduate as individuals who are constantly renewing themselves, having original ideas and analyzing by following the related developments.