Program Description

The Design Studies Master’s Program offers a common ground for various design disciplines and embraces interdisciplinary as an academic framework. Such interaction between disciplines will allow students to discover more creative solutions.

Introduced as the first graduate program of its kind in Turkey, the Design Studies Master’s program that was founded under Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Fine Arts and Design provides architects, interior architects, visual communication designers, graphic designers, industrial designers, fashion designers and applicants from related disciplines a unique research opportunity. With studies informed by this broad approach, ultimately, students will prepare a comprehensive thesis in their chosen field. Students aiming to apply their skills in their respective industries are provided with opportunities to deal with projects in a theoretical framework and write their thesis in this context. Consequently, it is possible for graduates to pursue careers in both design-related professions and academia.

The Master’s Program in Design Studies is structured with the goal that the theoretical and practical aspects of successful graduate education can be effectively joined in a way that will be constructive for graduates of various disciplines. Emphasizing relations between various subjects and approaches provides the students with a broader professional training. Each will graduate from the program equipped with substantial and creative skills, unique experiences, and specialized knowledge.