Program Description

The aim of the department of Mathematics is to bring together academic staff internationally recognized for contributions in Mathematics and Statistics, and talented young students focused on educational and research success. This is done in a forum in an atmosphere of free analytical thought, as opposed to one based on memorization.

The Mathematics Department at Izmir University of Economics equips students with contemporary knowledge and practice, and its application in the many branches of modern technology which incorporate this knowledge. It encourages a creative approach to the fundamentals of mathematical thought, with a curriculum in harmony with some of the best known universities in the world.

Taking an interdisciplinary approach, we show how esthetically pleasing mathematical theory can be effectively used in real world situations. Students are encouraged to discover and realize their own potential, and these aims are reflected in the course structure. Because proficiency in Mathematical theory is essential for the efficient performance of applications, students spend the first two years studying a wide spectrum of theoretical mathematics and real world applications.

This core course serves two fundamental purposes; first it gives students a firm grounding in theoretical mathematics to enable research, and secondly it makes students conscious of the wide range of applications in which mathematics can be employed.