Program Description

The concepts of “Logistics and Logistics Management” gradually gain importance with the effect of the rapid change and globalization, and as a result of the change of markets, customer needs and wishes, and the necessities of the relationships between the enterprises. It became a function that has a vital importance in terms of ‘logistics’ enterprises which was perceived as only a military concept years ago, later it was thought to be limited with “transportation and storage” activities but today its borders are still broadening.

That is why İzmir University of Economics, with its Logistics Undergraduate Program, aims to raise experts with global vision that dominate all functions of logistics. While the process of Turkey becoming a national and international logistics center continues, the graduates of the department will supply the need for well qualified workforce equipped with necessary knowledge and background in the companies in logistics sector. We believe that the students graduated from the Department of Logistics Management will contribute to logistics sector that is still developing in our country.

“Logistics Management” program within İzmir University of Economics is the first undergraduate program offered under this name in Turkey. The academicians in the Department of Logistics are made up of experienced Turkish and foreign academicians that are experts in their areas. The courses in the department include basic business administration, management and economics fields together with quantitative and verbal courses needed for logistics management. The students have to fulfill a four-week compulsory internship in logistics companies before their graduation. Thus, the students enabled to see how the theoretical knowledge gained throughout the program can be applied in business life. The medium of instruction in the department is English and the students are to take a second foreign language course that is among the compulsory courses.