Program Description

Department of Civil Engineering of Izmir University of Economics reflects the objective of producing knowledge and technology, then practicing and sharing them with the aim of carrying out the activities of education, research and community service at the level of universal standards and contributing to local and national improvement of our country. Department of Civil Engineering aims to educate the inquisitive engineers of the future with professional and ethical values, cultural knowledge, ability to develop contemporary solution algorithms for civil engineering problems and the principle of continuous improvement, and also aims to a department that produces knowledge for the benefit of humanity.

The aim of Department of Civil Engineering is to prepare students for future by equipping them with advanced knowledge required by civil engineering in compliance with today’s technological developments. For this purpose, the students will perform applied practices by utilizing laboratory resources and also with the help of theoretical practices by the knowledgeable and dynamic academic staff of our university closely following the technological developments.

The need for qualified civil engineers speaking a foreign language, competent on advanced technologies by the projects financed by foreign investors in accordance with international standards has been gradually increasing both abroad and in Turkey. In particular, the construction projects have to be modeled very well in order that multi-functional complex structures can be built in a very short time, economically, and in international quality norms; furthermore, construction planning, systematic control, and the quality management system have to be nicely envisioned. These systems require particularly the highly qualified knowledge of computers (CAM, CAD), the knowledge of technology governance and construction techniques as well as the knowledge of foreign language especially English. Merely a small part of current stock of civil engineers in our country is able to have these characteristics and they fail to meet the needs. Therefore, the need for civil engineers with the knowledge of modern information technologies, computer-aided design, knowledge of practice and governance as well as foreign languages has been gradually increasing every day in our country.

Izmir University of Economics aims to educate future civil engineers qualified for the need of our country via the available computer system infrastructure and informatics systems and by the help of academic members specializing in computer-aided design as well as academic members with experience in practice and laboratories.

The medium of education in the program of Civil Engineering is English; moreover, students will learn a second foreign language offered by our university during the education of students. These students to graduate with a full command of second foreign language will meet greatly the need in the construction sector equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge as well as vision of future.