Program Description

Computer Engineering deals with the design of computer systems and applications. In general, computer systems include microcomputers, database systems and networks of computers. The best example and the most used computer system are the personal computers. We encounter computers almost in every part of our lives including healthcare, mobile phones, cars, airplanes, ATM and smart cards.

Computer Engineers have both the knowledge of hardware and software. In reality, hardware and software are very closely related with each other. Hardware cannot be functioned without software and software cannot be carried out without hardware. Computer Engineers combine the hardware and software together to implement the most complicated design problems with the cost and performance in their mind. Computer Engineers play an important role in designing, implementing and maintaining the computer-based systems by using their hardware and software knowledge that they received through their educations.

With these realities in mind, the undergraduate program of Computer Engineering at Izmir University of Economics combines the hardware and software, the computer and computer science, teaches math and science which are the fundamentals of engineering, educates in humanity and social sciences, and offers a variety of elective courses to its students.