Program Description

The transformation of media technologies are going through today requires the storytellers of the future to both feed on the tradition of cinema and skilled in new narrative genres and forms. In the Cinema and Digital Media program, we aim to educate graduates who can adapt to this transformation, have knowledge of the language of cinema and different narrative forms of cinema, use digital and interactive narrative tools, recognize rapidly developing new narrative styles and contents, and realize international collaborations as team members or leaders.

The basis of the Cinema and Digital Media curriculum consists of studio courses where students acquire creative, intellectual and applied skills through production. The studio courses are surrounded by theoretical courses in the field of cinema and digital media, basic courses in the field of communication, elective courses from within and outside the department, and other courses for professional life. Thus, we equip students with a wide range of skills from occupational safety and ethics to digital media theory, from awareness of social phenomena to pre-production, production and post-production skills.