Program Description

Think of the children in preschool period, problem solving skills, psycho-motor, emotional, cognitive, social development characteristics are different from each other. You can provide a successful education by contributing to the learning process that keep in mind each child's uniqueness. Children need educators realizing their needs, showing affectionate, and helping their healthy development.

The main purpose of the program is to educate the professional staff who are interested in developmental psychology and successful in this area, communicating empathetically with children, giving importance to children, realizing children who has special needs, capable of using technological tools and equipments, has developed problem solving skills and strong sense of responsibility.

Our Child Development Program provide theoretical training as well as practical opportunities to face to face communication with the children and making practices what they have learned before. Students who graduate from the program will receive Associate's Degree and registered title as “Child Development Professional Staff”. Graduates may operate in pre-school institutions, kindergarten, private educational institutions and children’s clinics.

In accordance with the relevant legislation, graduates of the program have the opportunity for bachelor degree completion at “Preschool Teaching” and “Child Development and Training Teaching” by entering the transfer exam .