Program Description

The discipline of International Relations is a branch of social sciences, which analyzes international system, national states within the system, non-governmental actors and relations among these actors. That’s why, it has many commonalities with the study of political science, law, philosophy, sociology, geography and anthropology and it is a good way of analyzing rapidly changing conditions and specializing in inter-disciplinary endeavors. Izmir University of Economics with its renowned academic staff and curriculum aims to provide its students with a critical and analytical viewpoints nurtured in this environment.

Our department which is the first example carrying the European Union Studies within its name targets not only the discipline of International Relations, but also the structure, functioning and the development of the EU which has become a necessary area of study in domestic and foreign politics. Within this framework, our department provides its students with the fundamental International Relations and inter-disciplinary courses in its first two years and later allows students to specialize in area of interest with a wide variety of elective courses. Our graduated endowed with these qualifications can expect to embark upon successful careers within the private and public sectors, academic research institutions, the Foreign Ministry, the United Nations and the different institutions of the EU.


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