List of Programs Offered

Associate (Short Cycle)

Vocational School of Justice
Vocational School
Shoe Design and Production
Banking and Insurance
Computer Programming
Foreign Trade
Electronic Technology
Photography and Cameraman
Graphic Design
Interior Design
Construction Technology
Occupational Health and Safety
Laboratory Technology
Architectural Restoration
Furniture and Decoration
Accounting and Tax Applications
Radio and Television Programming
Civil Aviation Cabin Services
Tourism and Hotel Management
Applied English and Translation
Building Control
Vocational School Of Health Services
Child Development
Electro Neurophysiology
Medical Documentation and Secretary
Medical Imaging Techniques
Medical Laboratory Techniques
Elderly Care

Bachelor’s Degree (First Cycle Degree Programs)

Faculty of Engineering
Computer Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Electronic-Electronical Engineering
Industry Engineering
Genetic and Bioengineering
Food Engineering
Aviation and Space Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Mechatronic Engineering
Software Engineering
Faculty of Business
Logistic Management
Accounting and Auditing
Political Sciences and International Relations
International Trade and Finance
Faculty of Fine Arts and Design
Industrial Design
Visual Communication and Design
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design
Fashion and Textile Design
Faculty of Arts and Science
Translation and Interpreting
Faculty of Communication
Public Relations and Advertisement
Media and Communication
Cinema and Digital Media
Faculty of Law
School of Applied Management Sciences
Culinary Arts and Management
Faculty of Health Science
Nutrition and Dieteticts
Physiotherapy and Rehabilation
Health Management
Faculty of Medicine

Master’s Degree (Second Cycle Programs)

Graduate School of Social Sciences
Banking and Applied Finance Master Program
Economy Master Program (with Thesis)
Brand Communication (without Thesis / Turkish)
Marketing Communication and Public Realtions (with Thesis)
Health Institutions Management (without Thesis / Turkish)
Political Science and International Relations Master program (with and without Thesis)
Experimental Psychology Master Program
Finance Economy Master Program (with and without Thesis)
Sustainable Energy Master Program (with and without Thesis)
Logistic Management Master Program (with and without Thesis)
Media and Communication Studies (with Thesis)
Design Studies Master Program (with Thesis)
Design Management Master Program (without Thesis)
Yacht Design Master Program (without Thesis)
Private Law Master Program (with and Without Thesis)
Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences
Applied Statistics Master Program (with Thesis)
Financial Mathematic Master Program (without Thesis)
Electrical and Electronic Engineering Master Program (with Thesis)
Computer Engineering Master Program (with Thesis)
Architecture Master Program (with Thesis)
Intelligent Engineering Systems Master Program (with Thesis)
Advanced Architectural Design Master Program (without Thesis)
Industrial Engineering Master Program (with Thesis)
Graduate School of Business
Finance Master Program (without Thesis)
Business Administration Master Program (without Thesis)
Online MBA (E-MBA / English)
E-MBA (Turkish)
Executive MBA(without Thesis)
Executive MBA (without Thesis / Turkish)
Graduate School of Health Sciences
Health Institutions Management (without Thesis)
Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (with Thesis)
Healthcare Quality and Patient Safety (without Thesis)
Reproductive Biology (with Thesis)
Reproductive Biology (without Thesis)
Surgical Nursing (with Thesis / Turkish)

Doctorate (Third Cycle)

Economy Ph.D.
Finance Ph.D.
Business Ph.D.
Computer Engineering Ph.D.
Applied Mathematics and Statistics Ph.D.
Design Studies Ph.D.
Experimental Psychology Ph.D.
Political Sciences and International Relations Ph.D.
Electrical and Electronics Engineering Ph.D.