Program Description

The department of Media and Communication is one of the two departments of Faculty of Communication and the education is based upon two main aims: The first aim is to have graduates who search the answer of "Why?" and who have theoretical background. The second aim is to have graduates who know the answer of "How?", and who get acquainted with the practical side of communication areas and are the media professionals of the future. The balance between the theoretical and the practical side is delicately maintained in order to accomplish these two prior aims. Besides this, the elective courses are designed to specialize the students in various areas of communication. If a student would like to pursue a career in academics he/she has the choice of selecting elective courses to better prepare for future academic studies.

The students who want to work in the field of cinema, broadcasting or journalism has a large pool of electives to choose from for their field of specialization. The academic needs of the students of Media and communication are planned according to the future of the sector and efficient career opportunities.


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