Program Description

Izmir University of Economics Department of Visual Communication Design aims to raise Graphic and Multimedia Designers that are aware of the opportunities availed by the information age, that develop visual narration and communication skills, and that can overcome the difficulties s/he encounters in application processes with his/her intellectual background. Rapidly growing national and international trade volume increases the need for effective advertisement regarding the market, and simultaneously increases the job opportunities for Visual Communication Designers.

The program covers areas such as illustration, typography, photography, computer graphics, video techniques, packaging design and includes the students into an applied, collective study that they can discover their potentials and develop their creativity. Besides, its background about the theoretical basis of the relationship between means of communication and people will guide the students about developing a simple and striking narration language.

Visual Communication Design program provides specialization in two different fields beginning in the third year:

Graphic Design Specialization Area:
In recent years, in Turkey, with the development and widespread usage of advertising and mass media sectors, professionals that master visual communication languages are needed. Therefore, what is aimed in this program is to provide visual identity formation for the consumer market, which makes an effort for branding and feeds on design and fashion, and in relation with this, to raise professionals that may take place in graphical applications in mass media and advertising sector and to produce joint projects in this field, in the framework of university-industry cooperation.

Multimedia Design Specialization Area:
Multimedia Design students follow an education practice in which they use computer technology more intensively in their 3rd year. The students educated in this program may work at the sectors where graphic designers work. However, since they master in communication in an environment where digital technology advances, they may work in fields such as web design, video and film technology, 3D visualization and animation, design with audio and motion picture, and interactive information design.


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